Section PT, Platoon training and Missions make up the foundational trinity of our program.

Section PT

Section Physical Training (Section PT) is a military-based program to provide an opportunity for members to develop their skills and fitness, ultimately improving functional performance.

Members can also expect to work as a team in true military style.


Platoon training occurs on a larger scale which may also involve some friendly competition among sections.

Platoon training occurs on Sundays


All WEST members will participate in a scenario-based training exercise that will be located away from the compound. Mission day will be an opportunity for all members to test their fitness, mental and leadership capabilities. The sections will compete against each other for a prize and bragging rights. The winning section will also be added onto the Mission Leaderboard.

If you like to kick things up a notch, see below…


Black Ops is designed to test you further than section training, you will push beyond your limit and breath fire like you have never done before. These sessions are not for the fainthearted.

Arrive with no expectations.


Exclusively for Warriors, these sessions explore self-defence techniques and fundamentals to maximise WEST training. Details are located on the War Room board at the FOB.


Can’t make it to a scheduled class? Want to work on a particular goal? Prefer to train with 2 other friends? Private PT is for you. 1-3 Warriors to 1 instructor, these sessions are also programmed specifically for you (and mates).


Mums and Dads, these are sessions for you and your Junior Warriors (up to 10 years old). This is an opportunity to get a workout in with the young ones in tow. Junior Warriors can supervise or join in.

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