Co-founder and Head Instructor

Heyden is an ex-Australian Defence Force Personnel who refused to hang up his boots and webbing after an exhilarating career in the Army. One of Heyden’s career highlights was becoming a Military Instructor, training both career soldiers and reservists. With sheer determination and passion for fitness, Heyden decided to complete his Certificate III and IV in Fitness and open up shop to share his passion with people.


Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer

Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Favourite Movement

Handstand Push-Ups

Favourite Food

Fruit Scones



Min is an ex-Army Wife who has seen the ins and outs of military life. A fitness enthusiast at heart, Min is always up to try new things, turning a passion into her life’s work. Min is currently studying Exercise and Sports Science at The University of Notre Dame. Min also enjoys picking up and moving heavy things around.

Favourite Movement


Favourite food

Muah Chee (Glutinous Rice Chucks covered with a peanut and sugar mixture)